Preiss Imports

Henry Preiss founded Preiss Imports in the 1980s. Diligent, industrious and unflappable to the core, Henry led the company to great success, representing an award-winning portfolio of 500 products from 33 suppliers. The industry took notice and in 2008, Preiss Imports was acquired by The Griffin Group to ‘anchor’ Anchor Distillery’s division of artisan spirits. Although he stayed on as CEO and President, Henry decided to leave the company in 2012. He wanted to return to what most inspired him, to what empowered his Heart, Passion and Soul—to run a brand-driven, family business and develop a portfolio of premium, niche spirits where innovation and intimate product knowledge matter most.

Their offerings include Carlo Alberto Vermut, Casa d’Aristi Liqueur, Kramers Aromatique Bitter Liqueur, Lovell Bros. Georgia Whiskey, Marca Negra Mezcal, Prince Pastis, and Ron Caribe Rum.