Crossroad Vintners provides the wine and spirit industry of Indiana with quality choices within a competitive price range.

We use a customer focused approach to distributing wine and spirits in Indiana by emphasizing better service and attention through a professional approach. We source wine and spirits from small to medium size producers and importers who share a similar commitment to quality and passion for the industry.

Crossroad Vintners serves three distinct groups of people…


Wineries, Distillers, Importers.
We bring their products to Indiana.


Bars, Fine Dining, Retail Shops.
We warehouse items they need.


Friends, Connoisseurs, Staff & Professionals.
We share our knowledge with them.

Indiana Spirits

Born in Indiana, add some local flavor to your bar.

World Class Imports

US Distillers

Top US Producers

Sales Team

Jeff Fignar - General Sales Manager

Demian Hostetter - Brand Manager

Kevin Hogan

South Bend, Northeast Indiana

Tim Sayles

Northwest Indiana

Eric Butler

Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie

Chance French


Dani Riley


Lynda Trimble

Indianapolis, Southeast Indiana

Jill Meister

Bloomington, Columbus, Terre Haute

John Perkins

Evansville, Southern Indiana